Our Honey

Honey from Estonia´s northern, rich and pure nature is of premium quality and highly valued. The origin of the honey is extremely important because the plants, which the bees visit to collect nectar, determine the taste, colour, purity, enzyme and vitamin quantities of the honey. In Estonian northern climate only viable plants survive, and our nature is full of diverse and wild plants producing nectar. Estonia's landscape, forests and meadows are ideal for foraging bees. Bees carefully transfer the nectar to the hive, evaporate the excess moisture and add good enzymes, making the honey ripe and divinely tasty.

The value proposition of HONEST NEKTAR honey to the customer:

Complete traceability of the product. Beekeeper, foraging area of the bees and the plants providing the nectar only one web-click away.
Responsibility and ethics, 100% guarantee of authenticity, Estonian origin and premium quality.
Diverse Nordic wild and pure nature as a source of Estonian honey.