The Honest Choice For Honey

HONEST NEKTAR is a supplier of honey from Estonia, from the Nordic country. Through our honey, we offer genuine, traceable and pure taste of Northern summer. Nectar harvested in our forests, bogs and meadows comes to you in the form of organic & non-organic honey as well as functional products like tea stick with honey or honey with vitamins.

We are looking for specialty stores, e-shops, HoReCa, distributors who are fond of honey and distant flavors and willing to share them in their region. We export our premium-grade honey to Japan and Germany, and look actively for business opportunities in the Gulf region. 


Premium, unprocessed honey directly from the beehives of the Estonian Nordic wilderness from our national reserves, forests, bogs and meadows. Our organic honey is EU organic certified.


Pure and natural Estonian honey with no additives. Guaranteed. Our conventional honey is produced from the nectar of Estonian plants, which vigorously blossom in our Northern nature. The buyer of the product can trace the beekeeper, the foraging are of the bees and the plants that provide the nectar in the honey.


We also offer value-adding by-products containing honey such as ready-to-steep herbal tea sticks with honey and berries or honey with vitamin C and collagen. Relaxing and healthy choices are appreciated by our customers.


We are also prepared to offer Estonian organic and conventional honey under the private label of the target markets retail chain, hotel, restaurant etc. Similarly, 25kg buckets and 300kg barrels of Estonian honey are available for wholesale. Please contact us for a specific offer.