Our story

From the Honest People of the Northern Region

Founded by beekeepers, with a passion for 100% authentic honey, HONEST NEKTAR humble journey began back in 2020. Since then, we’ve expanded our global footprint and created a brand customers have grown to love and trust. 

As honey is one of the most adulterated foods on the world market, it is important for us to give our consumers a 100% guarantee of the authenticity and origin of the product. HONEST NEKTAR gives the customer access to the source and supply chain of the honey by providing a QR code and a web link on the label. Through these, the buyer can get acquainted with the producer of a specific jar of honey, foraging area of the bees, and the plants providing the nectar.

The value proposition of HONEST NEKTAR honey to the customer:
• Pure uncompromised raw honey. Responsibility and ethics, 100% guarantee of authenticity, Estonian origin and premium quality.
• Complete traceability of the product. Know the beekeeper and the foraging area of your honey.
• Diverse Northern wild and pure nature as a source of genuine honey.

Everything about our brand lies in the respect we have for the Nordic North, from the people behind the scenes to the bees and beekeepers, we take great pride in producing natural premium honey.

Full traceability

We take great pride in documenting every detail of the honey production process for greater traceability and complete transparency. Each jar has a unique QR code and web link that allows you to learn more than just what’s on the label such as where it was gathered from and which flowers produced nectar during harvest time.

100% Pure Honey

We are obsessed with quality, transparency, and nutrition, which is reflected in our products. Our natural honey is from the coast of the Baltic sea – an environment with some of the cleanest air in the world. HONEST NEKTAR allows you to taste how the Nordic summer feels through uncompromised, genuine honey.