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Taste the Northern Summer. We offer nectar from plants that thrive in harsh Northern climate and produce an abundance of nectar through the “white nights” of our Estonian summers. Our honey is harvested from a very diverse flora that blossom intensively throughout the short summer in our forests, bogs and meadows

Traceability makes a difference. Did you know that honey is one of the most adulterated food products in the world? This is why the understanding where the honey comes from counts. Scan the QR-code on our package to meet your beekeeper and learn about the foraging area.

Pure nature. Clean air. Raw honey. HONEST NEKTAR honey comes straight from the pure Northern wilderness in its natural state – unfiltered, uncompromised, and unpasteurized. Free of any additives.

Natural Beekeeping

We produce our honey using a holistic approach to beekeeping and ensure strict compliance to organic European Union criteria because transparency and integrity are everything to your honey, and our reputation. We have both conventional and organic honey lines. Our organic honey line is verified and certified by the European Union Organic Certificate for quality and pureness. The organic certification of our honey offers proof of our compliance to zero pollutants within a 3 km range.

Honey from the Estonian Northern Wilderness

We are obsessed with quality, transparency, and nutrition, which is reflected in our products. Our natural honey is from the coast of the Baltic sea – an environment with some of the cleanest air in the world. HONEST NEKTAR allows you to taste how the Northern summer feels through uncompromised, genuine honey.

Produced in Estonia, where pure nature and air collide to offer pristine conditions for the natural production of honey. More than 50% of our land is covered with forests, half of which are untouched national parks with meadows, lakes, and untouched bogs surrounding this beautiful and natural landscape. 

Rich in Unique Natural Qualities 

The gift of nature offers natural sweetness and delicious flavor while enriching your lifestyle with restorative vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants. 

Free of Additives 

Premium, raw honey should be free from additives and GMOs. That’s why we do not use antibiotics in our beekeeping. Estonia boasts non-GMO farming to support a pristine environment in the production of all Honest Nektar honey. 

Traceable Beekeeper

The purity of honey is an often overlooked topic in today’s market. Many traders sell their products under false pretenses, making it difficult for consumers to know what they’re getting themselves into when purchasing this precious commodity. Unfortunately, some people may think that anything with “honey” somewhere on its label must be pure and healthy – but that is not always the case!

We are committed to transparency and providing our customers with clear, up-to-date information. Our products can be tracked directly from their origin points to how much is in stock at any given time. Everything you might want to know about your latest purchase is available to you in a click of a button, including which plants were used to make your particular jar of honey. Get your whole family involved in learning about the importance of bees and honey in our ecosystem, and trust that HONEST NEKTAR does its part in producing sustainable products.

Meet your beekeeper and learn about their uniquely special beekeeping region and the nectar-producing plants within these areas thanks to the transparency framework we embody at HONEST NEKTAR. Each jar of honey features the real people and places behind the honey we produce.

Understanding the Preciousness of Organic Honey

Purity is essential for premium, high-quality honey. Our honey comes from areas in the Northern wilderness with some of the cleanest air in the world. Following strict EU guidelines organic honey means our beekeepers maintain a three-kilometer radius free of chemical and environmental pollutants. Each beekeeping site is far from noisy motorways, industrial zones, and pesticides, allowing our bees to live in harm-free natural landscapes. 

Complete traceability

Enter the „Best before“ date from the jar into the search field and trace who has produced the contents of your HONEST NEKTAR.

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Premium, unprocessed honey directly from the beehives of the Estonian Nordic wilderness.