Beekeeping experience:

12 years

Number of colonies:


Foraging area:

Forests and bogs in Lääne-Viru county

Main harvest:

wild raspberry (Rubus idaeus), rosebay willowherb (Epilobium angustifolium)


Member of Estonian Organic Beekeepers´ Association

“I got into beekeeping because I wanted to spend more time in the open air and nature. In addition to nine-to-five office work and Excel, I missed physical activity, which would also create tangible value to the world. As a beekeeper and consumer, I try to withhold the growing power of large corporations in the food production sector by promoting local and organic food production. On an ideological level, honey is a very “gleco” – global, ecological – and organic product. By regularly consuming honey, we create a demand for honey, but more importantly for a clean environment in which we and our children would live healthy.”